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W.L. Gore & Associates PMW Exhibit overall view. Lynn Paik Design.

W.L. Gore & Associates Paper Mill West Exhibit

Newark, Delaware

Home to the corporate leadership and founder's offices, Gore's Paper Mill West facility underwent a renovation and expansion in 2010. As part of the project, an exhibit celebrating the company's key product milestones was also installed in the lobby.

Designed in collaboration with KirkDesign, the PMW Exhibit tells the story of Gore's 50-plus year tradition of product innovation. The display is organized according to the company's four main focus areas: electronics, fabrics, industrial, and medical products.

W.L. Gore & Associates PMW Exhibit product display case. Lynn Paik Design.

The exhibit integrates into the environment by incorporating walnut architectural details into the casework design. A combination of standard retail fixtures, custom display hardware, and back lit glass panels were used to create a flexible display mounting system.

W.L. Gore & Associates PMW exhibit detail of product panel. Lynn Paik Design.

Standard slotted retail fixture rails are concealed between back lit glass panels. Custom display stand-off hardware was fabricated to function with the slotted fixtures.

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